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Do you find yourself running out of hot water when you need it the most in your Dacula, Georgia, home? Either you have a water heater that is not the right size for your family’s use or it is aging and nearing the end of its life span. If you are ready to upgrade your water heater and don’t want to run out of hot water again, consider investing in a tankless water heater. Let’s look at three benefits of having on-demand hot water with a tankless water heater.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Traditional water heaters have a tank that holds a specific amount of water that is constantly kept hot. Whether you are using hot water or not, the tank uses electricity or fuel to keep the water warm. Spending money to keep water hot, even if you are away on vacation or at work, is known as a "standby loss." Luckily, there’s a solution. A tankless water heater, known as an "on-demand" water heater, only sends hot water to the various appliances when it is turned on and needed.

Continuous Supply of Hot Water

If you have a large family, your water heater may not keep up with hot water usage demands. Running out of hot water can create big problems between family members. With a properly sized tankless water heater, you will have plenty of hot water to keep everyone in the house happy.

Save on Space

Because a tankless water heater doesn’t need to store water in a tank, it is smaller in size than a traditional water heater. If you need one for just the kitchen and adjacent bathroom, you can have a fairly small unit installed in a small space. If your home is large, you may want to consider having a larger on-demand water heater or a second unit.

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