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Modern houses in the Flowery Branch, Georgia, area often have excellent insulation, but good insulation can trap pollutants as well as conditioned air in your home. You can improve your indoor air quality, increase your comfort, and prevent inconvenient breakdowns with an indoor air purifier. Continue reading to see how a whole-home or individual room air purifiers can create a more comfortable and healthy home.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Most indoor air purifiers use an air filter like the filter for your HVAC system to catch contaminants. Some models can capture viruses and bacteria along with substances such as pet dander and pollen.

An air purifier can help you prevent asthma or allergy symptoms, headaches, rashes, eye irritation, sore throats, and many other issues. It can also keep illnesses such as the flu from spreading around your home, and reduce dust and dirt on your furniture and floors. This helps protect people with existing diseases such as asthma an COPD, as well as children and other vulnerable individuals. If you’re usually more comfortable outside your house than inside, you could need an indoor air purifier. For optimal indoor air quality, you should change your device’s air filter once per month.

More Comfort

An indoor air purifier can help you get rid of bad smells and sleep better. Smells such as those created by biological growths, burned food, and pest droppings can all be reduced or eliminated by an air purifier. An air purifier can also help you remove smoke and protect your walls, furniture, and ceilings from smoke damage.

Fewer Breakdowns

Capturing contaminants keeps them from harming your HVAC system and making costly repairs necessary. An indoor air purifier can help you save money, extend your heater and air conditioner’s life, and prevent inconvenient breakdowns.

To learn how an indoor air purifier can help make your home a more comfortable, healthy, and efficient home, contact our knowledgeable and friendly technicians at Kovack Mechanical, Inc. anytime at 770-892-6986.

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