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A backup generator in your home can protect you throughout the year from unforeseen disasters. Inclement weather can hit any time, but you want to be prepared especially before winter when temperatures turn cold. Let’s check out three good reasons why you should consider installing a backup whole-home generator to protect your Athens, Georgia, home.

Backup Generators Offer Peace of Mind

The biggest reason to install a backup generator in your home is that it provides peace of mind. Bad weather can happen at any time, and you can find yourself left in the dark. In some cases, power could be out for hours or days. A backup generator offers reassurance that you will have the power to go about your normal routine.

Protect Against Crime

With a whole-home generator, you don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on in inclement weather or protecting your home from criminals. Burglars and home invaders look for houses without power to target. With your generator on, it will power your lights as well as your heating and cooling systems. With your lights on, criminals will be more likely to continue down the road.

Automatic On and Off

With a whole-home generator, you don’t need to do anything to activate or deactivate it. The generator will sense when it’s needed and will kick on automatically. Never worry about losing power or needing technical skills: the generator is already connected directly to your electrical panel.

Cost-Effective Whole-Home Generators

A whole-home generator can also help to save you money. Simply keep it filled with fuel, and it will protect food in your refrigerator and freezer and medications that are temperature-controlled. It also allows you to stay home, by saving you from the need to head to a hotel when your house has no heat or power.

If you’re in the Athens, Georgia, area, installing a whole-home generator is easy and convenient when you work with Kovack Mechanical, Inc. Consider how a backup generator will help you, then get in touch with us at 770-892-6986.

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