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Smart thermostats make it more convenient for you to stay in control of your Dacula, GA, home’s temperature settings. Not only that, you can save a significant amount of money through the many benefits a smart thermostat can offer also.

Motion Detection Saves Energy

Some smart thermostats are able to detect when people are home. They can then use that data to determine when to run your heating or cooling system in order to not have it running needlessly when you’re not home. This can help save you money on energy costs.

Monitor Your Energy Usage

You can monitor how much energy you are using when you have a smart thermostat. The mobile application will provide charts and data about your energy usage with certain temperature controls. You can use that data to adjust the scheduling on your smart thermostat appropriately for more efficient usage.

Maintenance Savings

There is a higher chance you’ll need maintenance and repairs if your heating and cooling system runs excessively. If you only have your system running when it is programmed to or when your schedule is set, you will likely not have as many maintenance costs.

Company Programs

Many electrical companies have programs that allow you to sync your smart thermostat with the company. The company then has the ability to adjust your thermostat automatically to save you on energy costs, turning it down when it is not needed or when the air conditioning use is high in your city.

There are many advantages to installing a smart thermostat. Contact us today at Kovack Mechanical, Inc. to discuss installing a smart thermostat in your home to save money on your air conditioner’s energy and maintenance costs.

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