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During early winter in Braselton, GA, it may be warm during the day but gets a chilly or cold once the sun goes down. You fire up the furnace for the first time this year, only to encounter a strange odor. Here are five smells coming from your Braselton, GA, furnace that you can’t ignore.

1. Burning Oil

A smell of burning oil or smoke coming from your furnace can occur for a few reasons. It could be that not all the oil ignited as it passed through the burner.

2. Dirty Socks

An odor akin to dirty socks occurs when bacteria builds up in the coils of your heating system once they cool down and then reheat, creating condensation. When there’s a moist environment, bacteria grows, affecting your indoor air quality.

3. Dust

When you haven’t used your furnace for a while, it’s only natural that it produces a dusty or musty odor. You can let the furnace burn away the dust and dirt. If the smell continues, a clogged filter is the likely culprit.

4. Ozone or Electrical Burning

You may have smelled ozone during a thunderstorm, and your furnace can produce the same smell. This happens when your furnace ages and draws additional electricity, which results in excessive heat buildup in the motor. This then melts away wire insulation, producing electrical shorts, sparks and eventually a fire.

5. Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg smell indicates a gas leak, even though natural gas has no odor of its own. The smell comes from a chemical additive gas companies add as a safety precaution. When you have a gas leak, you should get out of the house and immediately call a professional.

If you ever encounter any of these smells, you can trust our team to keep you and your family safe. Call us at Kovack Mechanical for all your heating needs.

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