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It’s essential to balance the humidity levels in your home. When there is too much moisture, bacteria could grow in the wet areas, but on the other hand, too little moisture could lead to other problems or cause other damage in your home that is costly to repair. Read on to learn the benefits of a whole-home humidifier during winter in Winder, GA.

1. Healthier Skin

Dry, itchy skin can be significantly annoying, as anyone who suffers from dermatitis can testify. The dry, cold air of winter only makes the situation worse. With a whole-home humidifier, the air in your home will have more moisture, helping your skin hold in its natural moisture and remain more elastic.

Besides worsening an existing skin condition, dry air could also lead to acne. The acne comes as a result of the oil-producing glands in your body overworking.

2. Better Sleep

After a long day, you want a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate. However, the respiratory problems associated with dry air could lead to discomfort during sleep. You could also experience coughing.

Even worse, you could experience snoring, which disrupts you and others sleeping close by. With a whole-home humidifier, your home can have balanced moisture levels, making it conducive for quality sleep.

3. Protected Furniture

If you have wooden or antique furniture in your home, you might consider a whole-home humidifier to protect your furniture. With appropriate humidity in your home at about 50%, the furniture will continue to look elegant and healthy. Dry air pulls out moisture, causing the wood and joints in older furniture to become weak.

In addition, a dry environment exposes your furniture and hardwood floors to cracking and splitting. The frames on your doors and windows could get affected too.

4. Easier Maintenance

Although small-sized, single-room humidifiers do a decent job, they also tak more work. For instance, setting them up will take more time, and you may have to refill them on a daily basis.

Whole-home humidifiers, on the other hand, save you installation time as well as maintenance. A whole-home humidifier is directly connected to your water supply by a professional. Therefore, you don’t need to spend time refilling it.

A whole-home humidifier uses the existing infrastructure of your heating and cooling system, so it’s fairly easy for an HVAC professional to incorporate into your home. Reach out to Kovack Mechanical, Inc. for a whole-home humidifier and any HVAC maintenance needs.

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