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Sometimes it might feel stuffy in your Bogart, Georgia, home or observe that you and your family are having continual respiratory issues. There is a good chance poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is behind either of these situations. Discover the benefits of having good indoor air quality and how to improve it when the quality drops.

Absence of Indoor Air Pollutants

One of the best indicators of good IAQ is the absence of air pollutants, which you or your family would otherwise have inhaled. Some of the common air pollutants you may have in your home are cigarette smoke, radon, and dust. When you take care of your home’s IAQ, these toxic airborne substances won’t be present to cause you and your family any health hazards or distress.

Improves Your Health

Bad IAQ inside your home can greatly affect your wellness. Plus, if you have relatives suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues, poor indoor air quality can worsen their condition. If your home’s IAQ is in topnotch condition, it’ll go a long way to improve their health.

Better-Smelling Home

If you’ve ever been in a position where you cannot get rid of a bad smell in your home no matter how much you clean it, the indoor air quality may be the problem. Better air quality will make your home smell nice, ensuring your house is comfortable for you and your guests.

Ways to Improve Air Quality

The first thing you can do to boost your home’s IAQ is bringing in plants. Plants help to filter the air, removing pollutants that are harmful to your well-being. Secondly, routine replacements of the filters in your HVAC system is key to preventing pollutants from sneaking into your home through the vents. Also, getting your ductwork cleaned regularly can help remove contaminants from your home. Using natural cleaners rather than chemicals to clean your home will reduce volatile organic compounds.

Ready to make some changes for your IAQ? Contact our friendly staff at Kovack Mechanical, Inc. at 770-892-6986 to inquire about our duct cleaning services. With our history of improving home’s IAQ, rest assured we’ll help your family breathe easier this season and beyond.

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