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Athens, GA summers are humid and hot. You need an air conditioner that can handle the heat. Ductless AC is flexible and energy-efficient. Here’s why a ductless AC mini-split system could be just what you need:

Ductless AC Has Outstanding Energy Efficiency

The SEER of an air conditioner indicates how efficiently that system will perform. The minimum SEER is 14. Mini-splits have SEER ratings of up to 30.5. Ductless AC also has advanced inverter technology. It runs on high speed to achieve the initial thermostat setting. When the desired temperature is reached, it maintains that temperature by making small adjustments in output using only the energy that’s needed.

Custom Cooling

An outdoor unit is connected to one or more indoor units by way of tubing. Each indoor unit controls conditions in a separate room or zone. Indoor units have their own thermostats, so you can cool one room without cooling the others.

No Ductwork

Many Athens homes lose up to 30 percent of cooled air through leaky ducts. That keeps utility bills high and overworks your air conditioner. Ducts also collect contaminants that can be hazardous to health and damaging to your air conditioner.

Healthy Indoor Air

Mini-split air conditioners have cutting-edge air filtration capability. Indoor air is always circulating through the system, so contaminants are filtered out. Ductless air conditioning can remove up to 99.9 percent of indoor air pollution. Because mini-split systems run at multiple speeds and stay on longer, they remove indoor humidity as well.

These units are easy to maintain, easy to install and feature virtually noiseless operation. Mini-split AC systems can be installed in just one room, in several rooms or throughout the whole house. At Kovack Mechanical, Inc., we have the experience and expertise to correctly size and install these high-tech systems. Call us at (770) 892-6986 to learn more.

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