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As the seasons shift in Winder, Georgia, your home is your haven from intense sun, rainy days, strong winds, and high humidity. If you notice that some rooms are warmer or cooler than others, it’s time to assess the flow of air through your home. Hot and cold spots can interfere with your comfort, but they may also warn of poor air quality in your house.

Air Balancing to Prevent Hot and Cold Spots

When the right amount of air is delivered into each room of your home at all times, your airflow is balanced and the efficiency of your HVAC system is supported. When one room is hotter or colder than others, a professional comfort specialist can measure the input and output of your system to identify and correct imbalances in airflow.

Sometimes air balancing is as simple as adjusting the dampers on your room vents. A damper is the sliding mechanism that allows you to open and shut a vent to adjust the amount of air entering the room. You don’t want to close dampers because that can cause unnecessary buildup of pressure in your ducts, but an HVAC professional has the tools and expertise to determine the correct position for every damper in your home.

Detect Leaks and Air Seal Your Home

You may walk through your home and easily identify windows and doors that allow air to leak in and out of your home. Caulking, sealing and weather stripping allows you to fix those leaks quickly and affordably, but you may also want to invest in an energy audit and/or blower door test to locate additional air leaks that aren’t as obvious.

For instance, do you know if the damper on your fireplace is open or closed? Do you have a cover on your kitchen exhaust fan? Do you have a metal fireplace flue that needs to be replaced? Those are just a few of the air sealing strategies that may help eliminate cold and hot spots in your home while improving your indoor air quality.

HVAC Sizing and Ductwork Maintenance

If you’re still experiencing hot or cold spots in your home after air balancing and leak elimination, talk to our professionals about proper HVAC sizing for your home. If your heating and cooling equipment isn’t well suited to the size of your property, you may need an upgrade to balance out the flow of air between rooms. Ensuring that your ducts are clean and function properly is another possible solution.

To learn more about balancing airflow in the Winder, Georgia, area, call Kovack Mechanical, Inc. at (770) 892-6986.

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