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In a traditional HVAC system, the compressor inside the condensing unit can only operate at one output level. It simply functions at 100% capacity until the desired temperature is reached, at which point it shuts off. This often leads to wasted energy by causing your Winder, GA home’s heat pump system to cycle too often or overshoot the thermostat temperature.

In many modern heat pumps, the solution to this problem is 2-stage compressors. Using 2-stage compressors allows heat pumps to adjust their operating capacity depending on the situation. These models run for a longer period of time, at a lower speed, while delivering greater efficiency. They also provide more consistent temperatures and greater air filtration. As a final bonus, they cause less wear on your system.

Variable Speed Motors in Heat Pumps

As with dual-stage compressors, the key to variable speed motors is the ability to adjust heating and cooling output. The blower motors in traditional systems can only put out 100% air capacity. Again, this often wastes energy by creating temperature fluctuations and causing your system to cycle too frequently.

Variable-speed blower motors, meanwhile, allow your heat pump far greater flexibility and control. Your system will only heat or cool as much as is necessary to maintain your desired temperature. The end result is less wasted energy, improved comfort, enhanced humidity control, and better air quality. In fact, studies have shown variable-speed heat pumps to be up to 38% more efficient than single-speed models.

Who wouldn’t love to make their Winder, Georgia home more efficient and comfortable all year long? With a heat pump featuring the latest energy-saving technologies, that goal is easier to achieve than ever before. To learn more, explore Kovack Mechanical’s heat pump installation services or call 770-892-6986 today.

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