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If you experience uneven heating and cooling in your Athens, Georgia, home, common reasons include leaking ductwork, poorly maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, poor zoning and improper airflow. You may notice stuffy rooms or hot or cold spots in living spaces. In two-story homes, the upstairs is often hotter than the downstairs. The licensed technicians at Kovack Mechanical Inc. can determine the reasons for uneven heating and cooling and recommend solutions.

Check Ductwork

Leaking ducts can lose between 20% and 30% of the air flowing through them. Sealing and repairing ducts prevent conditioned air from escaping. Maintaining ducts lowers energy bills, increases comfort and enhances safety. Leaking ducts also affect air balance. Air balancing increases comfort, enhances energy efficiency and keeps equipment working smoothly.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Just like cars that need tune-ups to run efficiently and reliably, heating and cooling equipment must also be maintained. We examine each component of the system, including ducts, refrigerant, thermostat, condensate system, coils, electrical connections and air filters. In addition, we check burners, combustion systems and fuel lines on gas and oil furnaces. Correcting small problems as they are found prevents more expensive problems from developing later. Preventive maintenance improves energy efficiency and comfort. Well-maintained equipment is more reliable and lasts longer.

Contact the Experts

When you call the experts at Kovack Mechanical Inc., we talk with you about the issues you are experiencing and examine each component of your system to make sure we understand the full scope of the problem. We look at the size and condition of ductwork, check airflow and test each component of your system. We may recommend a tune-up to ensure that the system is calibrated, clean and functioning efficiently.

We also look at the layout of your home, placement of ducts, shaded areas and special use areas. We may recommend enhancing a ducted HVAC system with strategically placed ductless mini-split units to augment comfort. Ductless units function independently of a ducted system, are easy to install and have individual climate controls.

For more information about how to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, call Kovack Mechanical Inc. We install, maintain and repair all major brands of heating and cooling equipment.

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