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Air conditioners in Winder, GA, should last for years without experiencing any issues. But over time, their mechanical parts become loose, get worn out or break and thus begin the noises that prevent you from focusing on work or getting a good night’s rest. Here are four common AC noises and their causes.

Banging Noise

Banging sounds coming from your AC may indicate a compressor problem. Your AC’s compressor sends refrigerant to different components of the AC to push excess heat out of your home. Over time, the parts that make up the compressor may become loose and start hitting the compressor’s exterior casing.

Screeching Noise

A screeching sound is another common noise that air conditioners make. A common culprit is a broken fan motor, found in the exterior portion of the condenser. Your AC’s fan is responsible for separating heat from the coolant, and it’ll be unable to do its job if the fan motor is malfunctioning.

Humming Noise

Humming sounds inside your AC are often caused by a malfunctioning contactor relay switch. The switch is responsible for initializing the condenser portion of your HVAC system when it gets a signal from your thermostat. If the switch starts to malfunction, you’ll notice a humming noise and most likely be unable to switch your AC on.

Buzzing Noise

Buzzing sounds might signal that your fan blades have become unhinged and grazing the condenser frame. Note that other loose components within your outdoor condenser unit may also cause the buzzing noise. Rather than try to fix it yourself, it is best to leave the needed AC repair to a qualified professional HVAC technician in Winder, GA.

As soon as you notice your AC emitting any of these sounds, consult a professional HVAC technician. Call us at Kovack Mechanical, Inc., for air conditioning repairs, installation, and maintenance as well as indoor air quality inspections and upgrades.

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