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Portable generators deliver enough power to keep select appliances or electronics relatively functional during a power outage. However, if you want to ensure that your quality of life isn’t altered when the lights go out, a whole-home generator makes better sense. These larger generators ensure that your full home remains fully functional during natural disasters, wind storms, and unexpected power outages. For health, safety, or convenience purposes, if you can’t afford to spend any amount of time in the dark, a whole-house generator from General or Kohler is a smart way to invest in your Braselton, GA home.

Whole-Home Generators for Safety

Portable generators are easy to install and more compact than whole-house generators, but they’re more likely to leak exhaust and carbon monoxide into your home. A generator designed to power your full home will sit in a secure location away from your home, ensuring that a power outage doesn’t turn into a costly tragedy.

Whole-House Generators Maximize Efficiency, Comfort and Convenience

Generators designed to power a full home are connected directly into the main power supply. When a power outage occurs, you don’t have to set it up, plug it in, and get it started. It simply kicks in when the power goes out, so the flow of your daily life is never interrupted. This is especially important for elderly people who rely on electricity for health machines or working adults who don’t have extra time in their schedules to spend setting up a portable generator.

General and Kohler generators for the whole home are more efficient than portable generators. They may save you money in the long term, even though the upfront investment is more substantial.

Professional Whole-Home Generator Installation in Braselton, GA

Are you ready to protect your property and lifestyle with a whole-home generator? An experienced comfort specialist can ensure that you invest in a quality generator and that it’s properly installed. Selecting the right location to house the generator and connecting it into your powerline correctly is essential to prevent potential fire, carbon monoxide, exhaust and electric shock hazards.

Call our office to speak with a Kovack Mechanical, Inc. professional regarding the installation of whole-home generators in the Braselton, Georgia area. We look forward to delivering peace of mind through energy-efficient General and Kohler generators.

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