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Tankless water heaters offer plenty of advantages for your Dacula, GA, home, such as durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. However, a minor defect can cause issues to arise within your tankless water heater. Read on to identify and troubleshoot a possible tankless water heater problem.

Lack of Hot Water

A tankless water heater should give you hot water on demand, but it is signaling an underlying issue if your water heater is giving you only cold water. Running too many water faucets, showers, and the dishwasher at the same time may overwork the water heater, causing it to give off the cold water. To solve this problem, reduce the number of hot water demands at the same time.

Cold water from the tankless water heater could also signal that you are running the system at a minimum flow rate. The minimum flow rate refers to the amount of flowing water the water heater needs to produce hot water. Running the water heater at a minimum flow rate causes it to shut down as a safety precaution. You should increase the water flow rate from the faucet and observe whether the water heats up.

Mineral Buildup in Tankless Water Heater

Mineral buildup is common inside water heaters. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium that can cause scaly buildup, which can cause damage to the water heater in your Dacula, GA, home. If you use well water, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for the water heater to protect it from premature damage. Contact a qualified technician to flush the water heater every six months or so.

Very Hot Water

If the tankless water heater gives you unbearably hot water, you should check whether the temperature is set too high. Very high water temperatures can lead to scalding, increased energy bills and operating costs. Obstructions in the water filter or plumbing can cause a reduction in the water flow, meaning the water heater only heats a small amount of water, which leads to very high water temperatures.

A clogged hot water tap or showerhead will also reduce the water flow, making the water unbearably hot. Contact a professional to descale or flush the sediment buildup in your water heater system. If you reside in Dacula, GA, contact us at Kovack Mechanical, Inc. for all your tankless water heater maintenance and repair needs.

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