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Clean air is essential for living a healthy life. In the modern world, people often take pure air for granted without having to consider the difficulties associated with low air quality. However, poor indoor air quality is a quiet menace that can be the culprit behind a broad range of health issues, including breathing problems, chronic coughs, asthma, and even lung cancer. Read on to learn about air purification systems and UV lights that can remove particulates and pathogens to improve your indoor air.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Even the cleanest rooms are often filled with invisible particles and debris that float through the air. When people breathe, they naturally inhale particles that are in the air. Unfortunately, some particles can be difficult for a person’s lungs to process, and allergens can induce lung infections or chronic conditions. Poor air quality can leave scars on the surface of a person’s lungs that can permanently reduce lung capacity and athletic performance. Consequently, it is imperative to address air quality issues quickly before they cause irreparable health problems.

Air Quality Solutions

The good news is that there are a broad range of options available in the modern world to help people dealing with low air quality. You could consider installing an air purifier that contains a high-efficiency filter .
Installing a UV light by the air conditioning coils is another solution for reducing biologic particulates. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, high-efficiency filters can remove up to 99.97 percent of pollen, mold, dust, and other harmful particles from the air inside a home. Some air purifiers use both HEPA filters plus UV lights.

Get Cleaner Air in Your Home

An air purification system can be incorporated into a new home design or retrofitted into an existing home. Modern air purifiers can significantly improve indoor air quality in a cost-effective way. To discover more about how an air purification system can improve your quality of life, have a look at the air purification solutions that we offer or give us a call.

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